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April 03, 2012


Ha, I totally do the same thing when my person is out of town! Of course, the things he hates are beef, mushrooms, and sour cream, so I tend to wallow in stroganoff--we would both totally eat this soba. :)

this reminds me of a recipe we make from 101 cookbooks called otsu. it is delicious and for some reason, 12YO-who-eats-everything, shuns this. don't know why he hates them. they're just noodles! will make them in this soon because it sounds good and will be good fun!

I love that you made this while your husband was away -- this is exactly the kind of dish I would make when my boyfriend is away. Sounds delicious!

You are a talented person to come up with a recipe like this one. I'm so happy you decided to share it with the world. :-D

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