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March 19, 2012


Hopefully loads of potential craigslisters will google and find this post! My parents were trying to sell something and I heard the price and was like - THAT'S WHY NO ONE IS INTERESTED! And my dad was like, "Well, it says best offer." and I was like, "Dad, when I'm surfing craigslist for something and the price is too high I move on."

Also, I should mention that you're the reason we're hooked on Codman farm (although this week we discovered the Chip Ins eggs, that we've been buying at Codman, are way cheaper if you drive down the road - Codman was OUT OF EGGS) but I still dig it and my child loves to walk around and look at the animals. She goes up to the chickens and says, "Rory EAT chickens!" No lie.

All bets are off when it comes to IKEA products. I'll find a used one online and contact the buyer, who always says "93,456,789 people want this item. You have 24 minutes to get to Western NH to pick it up. It's 10 year old and I'll give it to you for $5 over the price listed at the Stoughton store."

I found your blog last night and have been pouring over posts all morning. This one had me literally laughing outloud. Happy to have found your very well written and amusing blog! Nice to have the local references, too! I'm Boston-ish as well.

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