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February 21, 2012


I am so sorry that you had that nasty illness, but that was the funniest thing I have read in a long while. Still wiping away the tears. And it's completely unfair that you didn't lose any weight as a result.

Perhaps Lose It knows more than they're letting on in terms of diarrhea not being an exercise. Perhaps it's time to give 16,000 hours of sex a try?

God I love your writing so much. You're SO GOOD! Yay for this blog!


Now that was seriously funny. And the bit about getting on the scales and finding you weighed... EXACTLY THE BLASTED SAME, now that was hysterical. I had swine flu a couple of years ago, and apart from nearly dying with that, I nearly cried myself to death after recovering and getting on the scales to find I'd PUT ON 5lbs of flu flab. HOW?


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