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January 06, 2012


Maybe you could put on a business disguise and cruise around office parks. Walk in like you belong there. Swing by the kitchenette "on your way to your desk", drop the treats, pretend that you're heading for the ladies room, and keep going out the door before anyone can demand to see your keycard.

I look forward to the release date so I can do some solidarity suffering. Misery + butter + sugar, mmmm.

I swear to God, if you don't send me one of those recipes to try, I'm going to blow up your favorite meat CSA.

I am in love with this post.

Also, can you bike to work? Between the actual work-out of daily biking and the adrenaline rush from fear of getting destroyed by a car, you might be able to keep to whatever weight you see as your ideal.

"I can only be happy with an equal and opposite amount of angst." I actually have that tattooed across my back.

Great post and your scale is clearly broken.

Maybe you should set up "meet and greets" and we could all eat your desserts!?
This is exactly why I do NOT bake. I would be the one eating it all. Eating it before it cooled off in the case of cookies. Before anyone in the house knew there were cookies. And there'd only be half the number of cookies the recipe said because that's how much batter I eat as I'm putting it together.
I think I've made my point.

Great post. (Storms off laughing)

Wow - I feel your dilemma - that's a tough one! And your husband is definitely not helping out, he should be morally supportive and at least put on a couple pounds instead of losing 25 ;) ! Great post, and good luck with the battle...

When I was working on the recipes for my book, I met a woman at a dinner party who said, "I have a friend who writes cookbooks- she's an expert! She even does that thing you're supposed to do where you take a bite of each cookie and then spit it out so you can taste it without gaining weight." I couldn't help but let out a gasp with my, "the thing you're supposed to do?" I thought I might be the only one actually eating the food that I was testing for my book. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. And to this day, I've never been able to do that thing (spit it out).

Take one bite for testing, one bite for pleasure, and send the rest to me ...

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