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January 22, 2012


I used Lose It successfully to lose the weight I put on when I started a desk job. I would certainly count not gaining weight while writing a desert cookbook a success as well. I think merely keeping track of what you're eating and learning how many calories are in which things is a huge help. Best of luck with the rest of the cookbook!

Holy hamburger, what an awesome program/website! My husband and I decided to get a better idea of exactly what we were eating and the calorie count of it last year and I wish we'd had this site then. Certainly a lot easier than our method of typing it all into a spreadsheet every day and also not having the activity level factored in. Today would have put me all in the red zone and probably had the calorie police at my door, we had biscuits, sausage and gravy for breakfast. Thanks for posting about it AND for making me laugh at "active, vigorous humping"!

Three days tracking on Lose It! Thanks for the link. I'm not writing a dessert cookbook, but I have my challenges ;-) Brenda

Loved your post Tammy! I did Fit Day last year which does the same thing. It was good for making me aware of what I was eating. Like, did I want to eat one Funny Bone or two! Sadly I would eat only one to make me feel less guilty. The sex thing always cracked me up I thought it was at least a thousand calories! I was shocked at how low it was! Keep up the good work, being aware is what helps. Can't wait for your cookbook!

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