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December 12, 2011


Ha! Or, to riff on the old commercial, Fresc-HA.

As a lifelong Fresca addict, the thought of tossing out two perfectly good Frescas breaks my heart.

Does your coworker have cooties? I'm sad for the thrown out Frescas.

Hahaha! Yeah I get it.

As sad as I am about the tossed out Fresca, potentially swapped cans is about equal to making out with your co-worker.

Unless it was my husband's I think I'd be throwing the soda out too!
Mmmm Fresca! That sounds good I may have to get one today.

Fresca is WAY more carbonated than other sodas. Why is that?

I am the co-worker in this story and do, in fact, have cooties. It's a sensitive subject for me and I don't appreciate the nonchalant, insensitive manner in which the topic was raised.

Shame on you, Karen. Shame on you.

I once accidentally sipped from my co-worker's weeks-old (probably) soda can. It was a chilling experience and the soda was very, very flat. Very flat.

I'm curious as to what would have happened if the two men featured in this story were female co-workers, male friend non-co-workers, female friend non-co-workers, male and female co-workers, two rodeo clowns . . . you get the picture!

I agree, Phoebe. When I first heard the story, I thought, this would never happen between two female friends. Frescas would be consumed with friendships intact. But would I sip from a male co-workers Fresca? Guess it depends on the co-worker! But I'm definitely NOT making out with a rodeo clown!

Imagine if we had not thrown the frescas away - By the transitive property (if a=b and b=c, then a=c)Tammy would have been kissing my coworker that night during what I call "Nighttime Important Bizniz".

So, tell me more about this coworker!!

He is very dashing.

Could you not have poured the Fresca into two glasses ...?

Fresca is the best...until you've tried Ting. Nothing is better than Ting.

Ah, I haven't had a Fresca in ages. I love the very thought of grapefruit soda. YOU have them at WORK in the VENDING MACHINE? Wowza.

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