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December 21, 2011


If I could do this well, I wouldn't need the book, but I can't and I do. At first, rather then think about it, I tried to google it. A lot came up, but nothing sounded good, so I went to thinking. Here's what I came up with: sweet potatoes + apple + sage + roasted chicken + olive oil + rosemary + steamed green beans ..... Now I'm hungry :-)

Wow. Sounds like quite a book!

I'd make sweet potato and apple fritters flavored with sage (I'd add a little onion and maybe a touch of cinnamon, too.)

I tried to comment but my internet went out and I don't think it went through- if for some reason this ends up being a double-comment, please delete one of them.

I'd make sweet potato fries + apple/sage aioli for dipping.

Roasted sweet potato and apple hash with crispy sage!

I'm all in favor of meals I can make on a Sunday and reheat during the week. Soup is a good standby, but sometimes I'm craving something more substantial. Baked empanadas made with those pre-made shells are great for this, so my suggestion: Empanadas filled with sage-y breakfast sausage and sweet potato and apple compote. And perhaps a very light maple syrup wash to the pastries before baking.

I would buy a bottle of wine and show up at your house with all four.

Yum, I would make a roast pork rubbed with olive oil, garlic, and the sage, and satter the apples around it while it cooked so they soak up the porky, greasy juices. The sweet potatoes would get cooked the Cook's Illustrated way (with just a bit of heavy cream), mashed with some maple syrup and sea salt for that sweet/salty combo. Dinner is washed down with some sparkling wine for the grownups and apple cider for the chilluns. Mmmmmm.

Gotta go with pork chops. Perhaps make latkes out of the sweet potatoes.

Interesting combination. How about roasted sweet potatoes + granny smith apples + sage + cinnamon + nutmeg + salt + pepper + chicken broth = roasted sweet potato soup.

an omelette maybe? i should have slept on it like you suggested....

I'd make ravioli, with a sweet potato and apple filling, flavored and garnished with sage! Yum!

Seriously though, this book has been on my wish list for at least a year!

sweet potato gnocchi with caramelized apples and butter sage sauce.
Or, since it is Chanukah, sweet potato sage latkes with applesauce.

Definitely a gratin - apples and sweet potato sliced thinly on a mandoline with bits of sage tucked in between. Topped off with a nice gruyere and maybe a small dash of nutmeg, pepper, salt and cream. Take it over the top and serve with more fried sage... yum.

Hash - chop it all fine and throw in some sausage, or even leftover turkey, fry it up and call it brunch.

I would make this: http://localkitchenblog.com/2009/11/21/dark-days-apple-cider-chicken-with-sage-mashed-potatoes/

With sliced apples tossed in with the tomatoes, and mashed sweet potatoes with sage. And probably some extra chile powder to balance the sweet potato. But that's just me. :)

With leeks and some other stuff to keep it from being too sweet, I'd probably try a soup. But I know the book could help me do better.

sweet potatoes + apples + sage, brown sugar, lemon juice, tangerine zest and juice--simmer for 30 minutes, blend in vitamix and can for a fabulous fruit butter :)

ooh, I would make a soup! and I would probably put goat cheese or bleu cheese on top. :)

Holy cow, if I knew what to do with that combo, I wouldn't need the book! heh sweet potatoes + apples + sage Hmmmm. Tart or sweet apples? My first thought, after no sleep, mind you, was something along the lines of Kate's. A gratin. I'll stew on it (pun intended, but not all that pun-ish) some more. (Sounds like a fabulous book for someone as clueless as I. I'll be on the lookout for it so that I can more appropriately answer future such questions. :) )

I'd make a sweet potato gratin with a mild cheddar and then rub a pork belly with salt pepper and a bit of thyme...then roast it over a bed of apples, onions and sage! Then reduce a bit of the pan drippings to make a gravy with some hard apple cider!

I am thinking a biscuit or scone made with sweet potatoes, apples, sage, maybe some cheese and a spicy spice.

I'd make a savory whipped sweet potato (baked, then mashed with some butter, cream, some of that sage, salt, pepper), put it in an oven-proof dish, and then top it with thinly sliced apples that have been quickly sauteed in some butter, rum, and brown sugar. Throw it all in the oven to bake for about half an hour to cook the apples, top it off with some toasted pecans, and then I wouldn't share it with anyone! :)

Sweet Potato Latkes (with a little bit of onion mixed in). Fry the sage to get crispy leaves. Mthen pan fry the sliced apples in butter until browned on one side. Serve together on a plate with a dollop of creme fraiche on the side.

I would make mashed sweet potatoes with diced apples, caramelized onions, a bit of cayenne, and fried sage leaves on top.

Sweet potato gnocchi, with sage brown butter & fried apples. oh dear, I might just have to make that now... yum.

...And the winner is: #11 Jessica.

Happy holidays and I'll be in touch!

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