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December 02, 2011


I like granny smith and theHubby likes macintosh. Luckily for both of us, the apple basket on our kitchen counter can hold an ample amount of both.

I like making apple crisp/cobbler. My kid especially likes it when I used crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the topping.

Pink ladies are the best for eating. For cooking, putting up apple butter every year is a must in my family.

I am a total sucker for baked apples. Delicious!

This year my favorite apple, hands down would be the Hudson Golden Gem, an heirloom apple with a sweet, soft and pear-like flesh. What they lack in crispness (think unripe bosc pear)they make up for in flavor. They dry fabulously and last a long time.

We ate them every day for a very long time with a slice of rye-spice quick bread and a wedge of soft cheese, my favorite being Harbison from Jasper Hill Farm. Nom.

I'm fooling you now because I am already a faithful reader. (i'm super discreet and sneaky if you didn't guess.)

My favorite apple is fuji. My kids are crying uncle about apples for snacks, but I say too bad for them as winter approaches.

I like apple cider. Your blog is very funny, by the way.

I like a gala/fuji mix for applesauce and arkansas black + granny smith for pie. yum! My kid on the other hand, will take any variety he can get his grubby paws on.

Hands down, MacIntosh. Just love them raw. Favorite baked thing = apple + rosemary cake, a French Provincial recipe that is super yummy.

Fellow Waltham Fields Community Farm member - and faithful blog reader

Bramley's Seedling. absolute best for pie. no competition for it.

There's no better preparation than eating them straight off the tree. Well, that and hard cider, which you can at least get year-round.

honey crisp!

Apple Crisp made with Spencer apples!

apple crumble with granny smiths!

Honeycrisp apples. I eat them by the bag load.

This could be real useful with the bushel of apples I have in the garage right now (one bushel already went into sauce and butter). I'm a crisp girl, but tend to be wary of fruit in savory dishes. Maybe that pork shoulder would change my mind. Thanks!

Apple Pie, apple crisp, apple crumble, baked apples. . . .And on and on. I love Fujis for eating. My daughter is stuck on Red Delicious. I can't wait until her little taste buds branch out a bit1

Honeycrisps are my favorite eating apple.

Empires are by far my favorites. I have wonderful memories of apple picking at Honey Pot Hill in Stow, MA, eating our fill right off the tree and then going for chili and pie at our best friends' house! Alas, no Empires here in CA... I'm still looking for a favorite CA variety!

I like McIntosh for pies and Granny Smith for turkey stuffing with apples & pecans.

My mother's apple pie. Very basic 40+ year old recipe, but perfection needs no bells 'n whistles.

Boo. (I still think hanging oak logs would make a beautiful 'floating fence' to grow mushrooms on.)

My work bff just introduced me to honey crisps. I am pretty sure they are my new favorite. :-)

Nellie's Apple pie is the best! Willing to try (and compare) other recipes.

Tried my first Honeycrisp @ Thanksgiving but since reading the article "Crunch" in the NYer (http://tinyurl.com/84u746l) I'm dying to try its offspring the Sweetango.

My two faves are America's Test Kitchen's apple crisp and Joy of Cooking's apple cake. The latter is very simple and not rich - a good everyday, breakfasty or snacky treat rather than dessert.

And the winner is...#23 Kathy!!!

Congratulations! I'll be in touch.

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