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December 14, 2011


Although I have absolutely no desire to go foraging for mushrooms myself, I never fall asleep during your mushroom posts! As for coffee, I don't actually own a coffeemaker, but I do make a mean cup of cold-brewed and I'd love to try Rao's.

i'm making mushroom lasagna for a party on sunday and i love coffee, although we are devotees of terroir in acton, ma. that's some good coffee. really (in italics) good coffee.

Love the mushroom posts and love coffee too. I was the blog reader that told my lucky neighbor to email you about her gorgeous mushrooms. So glad it worked out and I sent her the link to your followup post. Thanks for the chance to win the coffee!

I have actually LOOKED at mushrooms growing around me since I started reading your mushrooms stories (I will never pick and attempt to eat one though).
MUSHROOM COFFEE! That's Crazy! I'd love to win it so I can try it and we love Ming Tsai in our house to boot!

I'm not sure I want mushroom coffee but the semester is over and I've got time to enter random raffles. It would make a good conversation starter at a dinner party. And is more appealing than coffee beans pooped out by civets.

I knew you couldn't eat some mushrooms, but I didn't know you were so handicapped with coffee. What's wrong with you?

I'm a caffeine addict....yes I admit it. And the shrooms are growing on me. Hated them all my life, but in the past year my husband has gotten me to eat some. Mushroom risotto....DELICIOUS! In coffee....intriguing.

I love coffee and I love mushrooms and would love to try this coffee!

Tammy, Your posts about mushroom foraging have simultaneously inspired and terrified me. (But in an entertaining, haunted house kind of way.) And I thank you for that.

So coffee and mushroomy-ness, together in a piping hot cup of deliciousness?? (Smacks forehead.) Why didn't I ever think of that?

I wonder if my husband would notice mushrooms in his coffee? Anything approved by Ming Tsai is OK by me!

Maitake coffee? I'm intrigued.

I would love to try mushroom coffee! And sneak it into Husband's mug without telling him he's drinking MUSHROOMS. (maniacal laugh)

Being from the NW - coffee is king here. Seen all kind of blends but nothing with mushrooms. Chanterelles can be found now in the woods here. Oh they are so good. Hope I win.

And the winner, as chosen by Random.org, is...#13 Don Chase. I'll be in touch soon.

Thanks, everybody!

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