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December 08, 2011


Ooh ooh Randomly Pick Me!!
I have no link to a bad food photo - well I have one which were cupcakes for cryin' out loud that were so lopsided I had to throw them out - but I don't know how to link to the photo in my IPhoto. It's my stove I swear.
But I want this book because 1) I adore beautiful photography; 2) reading your blog as really gotten me interested in being creative foodwise and 3) I just really want this book.

Please ignore the above post since it seems my link did not get pasted for some reason. It should have been this picture:

From the Daring Bakers Gumbo challenge

I've checked for months at the Chicago Library system and they don't have this book yet to preview. Would love to have my own copy and learn some food photography lighting tips!


I really need this book . . .

My photos have improved over the year so they are sucking less, but this one is really a new high in low:

As you can see, my dog doesn't hold still, even for chai :(

Ok, this makes me sick just looking at it, and to call it food... No, no, no. I enjoy Philippino food but never, ever this. Ugh.


By the way, great post. Hope I win this book.

hmmm, for some reason my original post didn't ever show up, but
there's this:

and then this:

And the winner is...#1 NancyJ.

Congratulations and I'll be in touch!

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