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November 08, 2011


Ooh Ooh bring some of it over here. I'm close and I have NO time to bake and am constantly craving baked goods. I'll take anything you don't want:)

I cannot wait to buy your cookbook. Seriously.

Hilarious! Good luck keeping all those calories at bay, 7-8 dessert efforts a week would be my downfall!

Second L. Can't wait.

Don't forget you promised to let us help.

I love the image of the babies on a bender.

Oh, recipe-testing. That is part of the reason why I loved learning to cook in college co-ops - college students, particularly drunk college students, will eat all desserts, even the failures!

Like the folks above, I cannot wait to get a copy of your dessert cook book. I wish I was nearby to help.

That is a hilarious visual... but be careful! Don't overdose on custard...

emiglia: Too late!

Don: Got your e-mail. Will get back to you this week.

adele: Brilliant! I have Brandeis AND Bentley nearby. Problem solved!

Sara: Me, too!

Moopheus: You're right. I'll have a recipe this week for you to test!

Susanna: Thank goodness for GLOW!

Anne: I retooled the cake you tested and I'm really happy with the results. Thanks so much for your input!

L: Thank you!! I'll be sending you a vegetarian (i.e., lardless) recipe this week to test.

Ann: You'll be sorry! You'll be veeeerrrrry sorry!!!

On the "writer" end of things, I enjoyed reading about your experience with the bittersweet (okay, nail-yanking painful) process of beating a book into order. I've seen various takes on this experience via my writer's group, but never from a cookbook author. Rock on with your bad self, and best of luck come June!

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