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November 22, 2011


We LOVE brussels sprouts but I sometimes find them a little bitter. I will definitely give this recipe a try because sometimes you just need the cream!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

These garnered compliments and a couple people asked for the recipe. I sent them a link to this blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark: Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! So glad you guys enjoyed them!

NancyJ: The cream definitely tempers any bitterness and somehow brings out some sweetness. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, too!

Tammy - I made the Brussels sprouts tonight for dinner with Sirloin tips and baked sweet potatoes. They were AWESOME!!!
That will be my new "go to" recipe for brussels sprouts!

This is my favorite way to eat em. Soooo good!

I am soooooo fired up to try this. I love sprouts but I don't think of them often (poor sprouts). Gotta try this...thanks for the recipe!

Unfortunately they didn't fare so well at our house. The 10 yr old said they looked like barf, and made the following blessing, "Bless us o Lord for this food we are forced to consume..."

I thought they were delicious!!!!!!

I don't know what I did wrong, but my cream curdled during the last few minutes and looked um...ewww

These look so yummy I'll try it again!

Impressive blog! -Arron

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