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October 28, 2011


wow, a Lenny and Squiggy reference....i haven't heard one of those in days! (by which i mean years and years)

All that talk about worms, centipedes, etc. are making me reconsider learning to forage for mushrooms because HOLY COW am I squeamish about bugs. (But mushrooms! They're so delicious!)

Cut off the moldy bits. A fungus has fungus? Fun.

Beautiful hen-of-the-woods! My husband and I love to mushroom hunt, and last season we discovered a great knife designed specifically for mushroom hunting. The blade is curved so you can reach around a whole stalk even if it's slightly buried, and the non-blade end is a sturdy brush for in-the-field or in-the-kitchen cleaning. This is the one we have:


I can't recommend it enough! It really streamlines the cleaning process.

I've been picking wild mushrooms since I was four years old. I was taught very well by my grandmother and always went with my parents when they went mushroom hunting. My very favorite is hen of the woods (we just called them "sponge "mushrooms for short. I haven't found any for a couple of years. I live in Connecticut and would like to know where i can buy them fresh.

I soaked the hen of the woods in cold water over night and the water turned a rust color. Can we still eat it or throw it out?

Can I dehydrate the Hen-in-the-woods mushroom?

We have for large been of the woods right in our back yard however there is a terrible rancid stench coming from them. How do we did of it

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