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September 19, 2011


Yeah, Cooking from scratch is the secret weapon for eating well on a budget. There are a lot of people who just don't have the knowledge and experience that would make it as simple and cheap, which is a tragedy.

The other big issue is having a pantry. You said that you made this yummy looking dinner with what you had in the house.

I, for one would really be interested in a post on your "local food" pantry stores. What do you keep on hand, and from where? What do you buy "every week" "every two weeks" etc.

I'm a day late, but you prompted me to estimate the cost of our dinner tonight: $3.50 for cushaw squash soup and BLT's on homemade bread with homemade mayonnaise. Yess!

What a great task! My dinners have been all the cheaper recently as I haven't been eating meat... it's amazing what you can do with some vegetables, fruits and cheeses to make a tasty and filling meal (oh damn... I think I might have just quoted Rachael Ray.)

That's awesome! I'm not sure how I missed that challenge, but I'm going to try it... albeit a little late.

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