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September 15, 2011


Mmmm, I love okra! I hope you're sitting down before reading what I am about to say, but I even love it boiled. I grew up eating fresh okra from my grandparents garden and if Nanny cooked it, you ate it! We'd often have lunch with nothing but fresh from the garden veggies and boiled okra was one of my favorites. I could pop fried okra like popcorn, too. Nom, freakin' nom nom!

Husband's family is from Oklahoma and he LOVES okra. I will have to smother it and fry it up one of these days. I have no idea what it tastes like.

I looooove okra, and seriously considered begging for unwanted portions at the CSA this week.
Fried is obviously a tasty way to go, but I generally use my precious CSA okra to make Bhindi Masala- which is a dry stirfry of Okra with Indian spices like black mustard seed, cardamom and cumin with hot peppers and curry leaves. I personally don't mind a bit of slime, but for this recipe you dry fry it for 15 minutes or so until the slime has essentially dried up and been caramelized, so it appeals to the slime haters.

I love it but have never tried cooking it. Maybe it's time. YUM. Also the Fighter was a good crowd-pleaser here.

I made a lot of okra last summer. One of Bittman's recipes had me soaking it in buttermilk before breading it. No slime. Tasty.

We watched a couple entertaining movies recently: Limitless and Youth in Revolt. Favorite movies of the past couple years include Lars & the Real Girl and Kenny.

I love okra, and it is one of the only summer vegetables my kids will eat. They love it fried, but a simpler way (that they also LOVE) is roasting it whole in a 400 degree oven drizzled with a little olive oil--eat it with your fingers. But, at least one of my kids will also eat it raw.

I have to try this! Got turned onto okra a couple years ago. This looks really good!

okra is a favorite amongst east-indian kids, maybe b/c it is well fried. my mom taught me the secret--slice into rounds, pan fry it with indian spices and salt and then add a generous amt of mango powder to get rid of ooziness. yum!

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