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August 12, 2011


Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy a black light and shine it around your house. Apparently you can see mouse wee wee that way. I prefer to live in sweet ignorance, assuming that because the Zapper does it job in my basement, no one gets upstairs. THEY JUST DON'T.

Ick! Mice are the worst! Especially since they look all pathetic once you finally trap them.

LOL! Great post! I love the zombie cat idea-- sounds exactly like something my son would say.
Very gross, overall, though.

Ah, great post! Reminds me of my sister's stint working in merchandising for Saks, when they did some sort of holiday display by decorating with chocolate. Every morning more brazen rodent nibbles, and despite that there were always customers who couldn't resist several-days-old, un-covered, nibbled chocolate and would grab some and eat it off the display anyway! See...your kitchen right on par with Saks 5th. Feel better now?

the nights turned cool last week in the northwoods, and so the mice start looking for cozy places to winter. unfortunately for them, this house is not as cozy as they would like. we've got a dozen under our belts so far, 5 live catch and the rest not so much. the live ones went into a 5 gallon pail (usually reserved for the fish we will kill and eat) and released a mile down the road adjacent to a neighbor's house that we don't like so much. none this morning, so i will take that as a sign i am winning the war. (ps. don't ever read mrs. frisby and the rats of nimh if you ever think you will have to kill small rodents!)

I accidentally left a tomato out overnight. I had done this before with no consequence. But this tomato had nibbles out of the bottom. We've yet to catch the critter, but I'm thinking it's gone now.
Mice can be hard on a kitchen, I know, but I'd rather have mice than the other option...

Heebie jeebies.

Skin crawling. My devoted cat is still alive and has delivered not one but 3 mostly dead but not enough dead mice to me IN BED at 3 a.m. But I guess I'll cling to the fact that they haven't made it to my fruit bowl before being captured.

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