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August 22, 2011


Oh! I thought I'd missed all opportunity to be a tester. As a long time lurker, I love your recipes, and would love to be testing team.

Occasionally I toy with the idea of taking one of those classes the Mycological Society offers, imagining myself foraging an entire dinner's worth of food, like Michael Pollan. This post scares the crap out of me and has convinced me that maybe I will take a beekeeping class instead...

Gail: Aw, crap, I didn't mean to discourage anybody. There are dangers in mushroom-hunting, but there are ways to do it safely. The more knowledge the better, I say. Take the class! Of course, beekeeping is cool, too!!

WoodenMonkey: Consider yourself on the tester list. Thanks for delurking to offer your services!!

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