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August 17, 2011


You two are good for each other. Happy Anniversary!!

How lucky to celebrate at Bondir! Great spot... and be sure to go there in the winter. The fireplace is wonderfully cozy.

I like it. A lot. If you weren't stubborn how could you possibly have lasted 11 years? haha

Happy anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!
My sisters and I are super incredibly stubborn and damn proud of it. We claim it's because we're Polish.

You guys were made for each other tammy. Happy anniversary! I have had my eye on Bondir ... how was it?

Happy Anniversary! Suggestion for Husband: Start using the word "mulish" and see if Tammy still considers it a compliment.

The first time I read this I thought you wrote "James Bond's restaurant." I envisioned the chef parkouring off of the roof being pursued by waiters as part of the pre-dessert entertainment. But then I read again ... happy anniversary! Another funny post.

Good to see that DH and I are not the only people who have arguments during their anniversary dinners :) Happy 11th. Still remember how beautiful you looked on the big day. :)

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