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July 17, 2011


Great news! Congrats!

Upon first reading, I thought you needed tAsters. I would apply for that job.

A. I am totally buying your book. I am soooooo excited for you. B. I know nothing about using or finding local ingredients, but I am more than happy to try out a recipe or two if you need help. :-)

Tammy: What fantastic news. And I, of course, will jump on the testing bandwagon. (Um....does that come with your foraged mushrooms? ;-) ). Seriously, congrats and I really would love to help out.

Congratulations! I am happy to help test, especially as I live in the Boston area too!

me me me! Ok, I know you don't know me from adam, I know I've commented once for sure and that was a year or two ago, so I understand if I might not be a trusted test cook but I'd be happy to do it. I'm sure your book is gonna be great no matter what!

I live in the Pacific Northwest and would love to try out how your recipes work with our local ingredients! We have a pretty awesome Farmer's Market! Congratulations on the book! I can't wait!

Wow I was searching kitchen aid and read at least 15 of your blogs. Very funny, I can't wait to tell my sister. You would be one of our buddies, you are a kindred spirit. Yours reminded me of the time I came home from work and my youngest who was 6 at the time said "daddy broke your favorite toy, we were trying to fix it." He was told that was their secret. Odd, it, (my kitchen aid was working when I left for work. They were sent to buy another one ! I would be thrilled to test for you. I bake alot, I send cookies to our patriots overseas. God bless the troops.

I'd be happy to be a tester...first "found" you as I was looking for recipes for the Italian cookies served at weddings in the Valley near New Haven when I was a kid. Loved your family stories, vintage snapshots and recipes.

Congrats on the book project.

Congratulations!! Fantastic news, so very pleased for you. Won't offer myself as a tester since (a) we don't eat dessert (yes, it's true) and (b) I'm English and I really really can't get my head around cups of stuff - but am thrilled for you and will happily recommend your book to any and all cake and dessert making friends I know.

Tammy, congratulations! this is awesome. I will start saving my £s, as I ain't go no $. Are you going to be selling your book outside of the US? pretty please?
Also, if being in the UK doesn't disqualify me for it, I'm happy to test recipes :)

Amazing news! Congratulations.

Ooh, congrats! You know where to look if you need a copyeditor or proofreader! I won't volunteer to test recipes though, because I'm notoriously lazy about that.

Congratulations! I'm one of those usually anonymous readers who has been hanging around quietly, reading along. Very excited for you and I look forward to the cookbook!

Count me in, especially if you are considering a chapter on Pacific Northwest desserts. Think hazelnuts...

I, for one, am always looking for an excuse to do more baking. Also local. Would be happy to help out. Have a little experience copyediting recipes too. Sounds like an excellent project.

Congratulations! I would love to help test! Though Somerville-local isn't too different from Waltham-local, I suppose. Just let me know.

Congrats!! Will taste everything you FEDEX to my door.

Great news! Now you need to start thinking of doing a book about your inestimable father!

Congratulations! You deserve this chance, and I hope you have a nervous, cursing blast.

It looks as if you have plenty of offers, but let me know if you need a Kentucky tester.

SoCal resident with an abundance of farmers markets at my fingertips... Send a recipe and I'll knock it out for you! So excited for you & this opportunity! You should have your kids draw your picture for the back cover! :)

Boston area resident here (and fellow Tuftonian, woot), happy to be a tester if needed. Congratulations!

So great to hear good news! Major congratulations! Saving my pennies for a copy.

PS - Did you got to Tufts? My son is starting there in the fall.

Tammy, that is the best news. Congratulations! A winter dessert cookbook - have mercy. I, for one, cannot WAIT until this comes out.

You can count on me for testing - especially recipes that use up things in my root cellar.

Seriously, so excited for you!

Kudos, Tammy. How exciting! And the subject matter ain't too shabby either :D

I don't know about blurry and dim, but you certainly have me drooling on my keyboard on a regular basis. At any rate, congratulations, I look forward to it, especially with winter desserts!

p.s. I am up to my ears in summer squash and zucchini. Any suggestions on how to go through a LOT of it deliciously?

So excited for you! Congratulations Tammy! You deserve it! I have made a lot of your recipes, and by far my favorite dessert is the butter tarts (remember the whole Canadian/American debate). Don't forget that one :) Congrats girl! -Katie


How wonderful. Well deserved! I'd be happy to test a few recipes.

I'd be happy to help test out a recipe or two. God only knows I'll be baking desserts all fall and winter anyways! :)

Woo Hoo, that's awesome, Tammy. YOU'RE awesome!!! $1/month, I just might be able to swing that! :) Can't wait!

Sign me up for recipe testing. And post recipe testing drinking... or something like that.

I am sofa king excited for you, if I had a tail it would be wagging like mad right now!

definitely add me to the list of potential recipe testers. this is great news!

How very cool! I would certainly like to help with testing... especially the citrus parts!

So pleased to hear about the book deal - that's awesome, and richly deserved. I would be happy to test recipes.

Congrats! I'd love to help test any vegetarian recipes!

Congrats Tammy! Can't wait for your book!

Congrats! I'd love to test some recipes!

Congrats Tammy! I'd be happy to help test too! I live in the Bay Area (CA) and have a wonderful farmer's market half a mile from my house! It might be helpful when you're testing apple desserts to try them with different regional varieties (sadly, none of my favorite empires or cortlands here...)

I can't believe I didn't see this before now. If you still need testers, please let me know. I love to cook and love cookbooks. I would love to buy your cookbook when it comes out, but please consider me for a recipe tester.

I will be a recipe taster! I haven't had a computer for the past year, so I haven't been as active in commenting as I would have liked to have been. (What at terrible sentence. My sincere apologies.) It may be too late to be a recipe taster, but I'm putting this forth in the hopes that there may be something leftover for me.
P.S. I kind of adore you. Your blog brightens every day I manage to read it.
P.P.S The lolcat in me demands "MOAR!!! MOAAARRRRR!!!!!"

Longtime lurker (ahem) reader... I'd be happy to be a taster if you need another.

Hi Tammy!
Long time reader, so-uncreative-that-I-don't-comment commentor .
So excited about your book. I remember the first post of yours I read.. you were catching lobsters in Maine.. or Cape Cod! Can't wait for a whole book of it.
I've been internet-less all summer and am catching up on you now. YAY you. Rays of sunshine after a terrible storm.
I'm in Oregon, and love to cook if you could use another tester.

I will test your recipes! I live pretty far from you though. All the way through Belmont to Arlington and there I am.

I'm back to reality again and am really happy to hear this, it's about time they start publish you big time Tammy! Must get that book too when it appears!

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