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June 01, 2011


I love that Tori Spelling reads your blog. Hi, Tori!

I don't know many stars, so it's hard not to think of them as their characters, until a new character comes along. Like William Shatner who has managed to finally dissociate himself from Kirk in my head through such antics as his commercials and cover of C-Lo's Forget You song (another level of tangent: although I am still sad that the song needs to be censored at any level. what's the point?).

I'm afraid I can't go off on any further tangents because the drool is getting on my keyboard. I clearly need more parfaits in my life.

This one was delicious! Perfect for summer!

Made is last night. Yummmmmm.

My father has been known to sneak into my yard to steal rhubarb stalks. Broad daylight, even. He'll love this post!

Bob Prestidge: Rhubarb lovers unite!

L: So glad you liked it!

Husband: Thanks, Husband!

melch: Very true. If I ever ran into Leonard Nimoy and he smiled at me, I'd be all, "WTF, get back into character, Spock!!" I'm definitely not fit to mingle with the celebs.

pyewacket: Well, once anyway!

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