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June 13, 2011


OMFG that is exactly the kind of pie I would eat WITH MY FACE!

Just sayin'.


How does Poppi get some of this??

Have you had the mac and cheese at Bukowski (Cambridge and Back Bay)?? I've never had Silvertone buy my husband tells me it's got nothing on Bukowski. We are on a perpetual quest to recreate it at our house. That said, I could totally do some damage to that pie.

this will be made, and it will be made soon - it looks absolutely amazing! My mom used to make a peanut butter pie similar to this when I was younger and I've recently been hunting for the recipe - thank you so much for providing one!!

Oh my god that looks so good. i love peanut butter. I think i'm gonna surprise my husband with this ;) thanks for the recipe.

If it is good enough for TeenNiece, I would imagine it is good enough for

i just made this with the peanut butter then also used lemon curd instead, oh la la. i cant do crust, so im just moussing it up. thanks!

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