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May 06, 2011


I, too, have learned the lemon lesson after many a moldy fruit, soggy wrinkly vegetable, fuzzy loaf of bread, etc...

I read somewhere years ago "it's only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway" with reference to sale items, and the phrase totally stuck with me - it's so true!

I am pretty sure that I have used about three of the limes I've ever bought in my life. Making them the three most expensive limes in the history of limes.

It's worth the argument - good lemons was something I learned to cherish at culinary school, as well as salt, shallots, oh, just read about it here, if you like: "Culinary School: Three Semesters of Life, Learning, and Loss of Blood" http://amzn.to/eOKJWw


So true--now if only I could figure out what I was really going to manage to use!

Sara: How many margaritas does it take to get through the week?

Sj: Thanks.

Annabelle B: Love it!!

Maria: Yes, that's exactly right! Coupons are great, but the dark side is when they convince you that buying something you don't need was your own idea.

melch: Oh, the things I have found in my crisper drawer...

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