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May 10, 2011


Hooray for finding morels! And hooray for husband insisting on an expert confirmation! Hope you had a wonderful mother's day weekend (sounds like you sure did).

Ooh, big and blond. Good work. Eek, jealous, though I've never bothered to hunt my own. Something about "forest fire Last Year"... Congratulations.

I am so jealous!!! last year I went on a hike every day from April 20 - June 1 and not one Morel. This year I have 3 month old twins so its very hard to hike. I started looking on April 28th and I go about 4-5 times a week, still nothing. Clearly I am not looking in the right places. But you have given me hope... that the time is now and they are out there somewhere in MA waiting for me!

Congratulations! There is just something so exciting about foraging for food. Must be a latent "gatherer" gene. Very cool.

Tammy -

You spelled my name wrong in the post, it's not Russ Cohen, it is Andrew Janjigian. Must have been autocorrect. ;p

Morels are definitely out here in MA in a big way this year, aside from you, I've been contacted by 2 others. I think the heavy snows in January must be responsible.

Andrew: Hahaha. I'll say. One of my neighbors has about 3 dozen poking up from under her front porch. Amazing!

andrea: Totally. I'm looking forward to foraging a few other kinds of mushrooms this summer and fall (only those without poisonous look-alikes).

rtsbeacon: Oh, I hope you find some! They're very fickle, but the more you get outside, the better your chances. I'm impressed with your dedication with newborn twins on your hands. Wow!

CC: That's true, you must have them coming out of your ears at the markets. At least it means that the post-fire natural recycling process is well underway.

melch: It was a great Mother's Day. And, yes, Husband is often the voice of reason around here!

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