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May 20, 2011



Tammy, sometimes I love you, for you are in synch with my mind. Or stomach, as the case may be.

Anything involving white beans, chorizo, garlic and paprika, can't end badly (unless I'm having a reaaaaaally bad day). The adding of rosemary? unexpected and potentially genius. I'll try this!

PS I also have a habit of saying unintentionally suggestive and open-to-misinterpretation things.

LOL, tell them all to get their minds out of the gutter. I do the same thing, much to my great mortification. Just do what I do, turn beet red and try to pretend nothing unusual just came out of your mouth.

What ^^^ Kathleen said. :D

We must be long lost relatives - I once told a graduate school professor that "I'd rather give it to him orally" when discussing writing an upcoming exam. Thanks for the reminder, I'm blushing as I type!

Erin: Awesome! Bet you did great in that class!!

Amy: Can't take me anywhere.

Katie: Oh, but they keep bringing it up years and years later!

Maria: Hope you try it and like it!

Kathleen: Always happy to get a snort from you!

I laughed out loud at your story... some things are just too unbelievable for fiction... and that story about your great uncle is one of them :)

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