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April 18, 2011


I'm a huge fan of quick and easy! Got anything for radishes beside salad topping?

I do this with some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top too. Mmmmmm

Rebecca: Nice touch! Delicious, no doubt.

melch: For radishes, I like crusty bread with lots of butter, radish slices, and sea salt. Also, a simple chopped salad of radish slices, fresh tarragon, snipped chives, sea salt, and a bit of good olive oil. I've cooked radishes before, too. They taste different, sort of turnip-y, but still good.

I still have radishes left over from last week, I'll give those a try, sounds delicious!

This is one of my absolute favorite roasted veggies. I've been OD'ing on asparagus lately now that I'm seeing it in the market!

Thank you for posting this. I just made it for dinner, and I'm very proud of myself. My husband said "But I don't like asparagus!" and then "This is the best asparagus I've ever had!" Even the kindergartener said that it *tasted* good, but refused to eat more than one bite on principle.

thanks for posting some humble every day cooking. i hope you do continue it as a trend, that's the kind of cooking that us every day cooks need help feeling inspired about anyway! i will go out and buy a bunch or two post haste.
re: the reader with radish question. i heard rave reviews of, tho haven't tried yet, grated with radish mixed with butter and spread on bread. how could you go wrong, right? it's 'sposed to convert even radish blahs.
tammy. just wanted you to know, though i don't hardly never comment, i am still subscribed, years in now. still read yer every post, and still remember your tortilla soup post. as well as a foul mouthed post about zucchini, from way back when.
thanks for a great blog!

Yes! Do more recipes like this! Especially with fresh produce on the way!

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