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April 14, 2011


We've signed up for Cape Ann Fresh Catch as well, which has been great ... though, hey, it'd be nice to get a break from all of the flounders that we've been getting lately.

Recently, my go-to-recipe for our CAFC haul has been steaming with either soy sauce and Asian aromatics or white wine and leeks or shallots.

this is my husband's new favorite! where do I mail the check?

unanimously declared a keeper after one bite each. brainstorming for what else could go with that sauce was the main topic of conversation after the yummy noises subsided. super delish dish.

Thank you Tammy! This was excellent. I roasted the peppers first, to give the sauce a smokey touch. It was enjoyed by the whole family, including the three and five year olds.

Russ: Great idea to roast the peppers. Yum! So glad it was a hit!

snippyscissors: I ate the remaining sauce with a spoon like soup. In fact, if you scaled the recipe up, it would make a terrific creamy red pepper soup without the cream (swap in veggie stock, water, or chicken stock for the fish stock).

kevi: Awesome! It's my gift to you!

cris: Sounds great! We haven't gotten much flounder, but the catch seems to vary from pickup day to pickup day. We're supposed to get haddock today.

Tammy, this was so insane. I made it for my husband who LOVES fish (I don't) and he loved it. Thank you so much! I printed this up and put it in my cookbook along with most of your other recipes. Thank you again! It was very easy to make as promised :)

Tammy, I loved this! made it today, with pollock, and in spite of the fact that I callously threw some water in instead of sherry AND fish stock/clam juice, it was tasty! Next time I will make the effort to have at least either sherry or fish stock, and I expect it to be even more amazing.
for bonus points the colouring/pepper & onion base reminded me of how my (Spanish) grandmother cooks fish and meat a lot :o)

oh yes, and I forgot to say, you're right, it's beautifully easy to make as well!

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