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March 18, 2011


My kids have mad negotiating skills, too. More importantly, all this time I only thought you had one kid. Hm. I need to start paying better attention.

That's disturbingly good negotiation, there... But not a bad idea from the 5yo!

The boys are not to be blamed - the love for frosted mini wheats runs deep in genes! Your husband's cousins consumed mountains of these as teenagers :)

Mike M.

All I can think about is the yummy possibility of icecream for breakfast...

They are also the favorite of Cawston and Isaac

These are the favorites of my 7-yo daughter too. They are known as "sheep" in our house, which she named them at about 5. Why do I allow them at the breakfast table when I do not buy other "frosted" cereals? Is it because she came up with a cute name for them? I think I have rationalized it by telling myself how much whole-grain fiber and skim milk she is getting along with the 12g of sugar. Actually, I could probably rationalize that ice cream is a pretty balanced breakfast. Especially strawberry.

These days, kids are getting smarter and more business minded. The fact that they can out-negotiate you is an indication that they will become good businesspeople in the future. Anyway, the love of sweet stuff like ice-cream is strong in children. Some might not be able to digest cereal.

My kids love 'em too. I manage this by mixing them with unsweetened ones - half and half or even less than half sweet. They did not really catch on for years. Now that they are 8 and 11 they are objecting, but I figure I got a good 8 or 9 years of cutting the sugar by at least 1/2.

A note: one year, post- Easter when we had too many damned jelly beans laying around the house, I actually told my kids to eat jelly beans for breakfast, just so we could get rid of them!

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