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March 15, 2011


Thanks for this. I have been wondering what to do with my knives for some time now: I got them professionally sharpened for the first time at some point last fall (after 5 years) and I felt like they got dull immediately--almost like they were worse than ever. Maybe it's because I am just more sensitive to the knife being sharp enough, I don't know. I do try to use my steel and my non-electric sharpener and it helps but I suppose I just need to make the time to get them re-sharpened, so I appreciate all the sources you list!

Patti sharpened some of our knives at Formaggio a few months ago. Huge, huge difference. Thanks for posting this interview, I really enjoyed learning about knife-sharpening.

Ugh, I have to go out and get mine sharpened. What's the best way to get your knives to the sharpener folks? I have an irrational fear of somehow cutting myself in transit...

The Knife Lady sounds like a hoot - too bad Formaggio Kitchen's a little out of my way right now.

Melch, I roll up my knives in old tea-towels and place them in a sturdy shopping bag for transportation.

So it was you! We were chatting and she said someone else had interviewed her at the Winter fair. She's lovely. I first met her at Waltham market. I want to find a way to get her to do a service out of CAC.
She really takes care of your knife and it does not eat away at it like the wheel and machine grinders do. Worth every penny, and a bit of chit chat. Found out she used to be in film industry. Who knew?

jo: Yup, that was me! So glad to have met her, and the fact that she's at the Waltham Farmer's Market is extra convenient. I have a feeling she's going to be in high demand.

adele: She is a hoot!

melch: I have a few knife guards, but for the rest, I do the same as adele (wrap them up in dishtowels). I use a cardboard box to transport them.

Molly: Glad you were able to take advantage of her services! Happy chopping!

Sara: Ah, so the post-sharpening honeymoon phase is over, is it? I better enjoy the razor-sharpness of mine while it lasts! I tend to go a long time between sharpenings, too.

Let me just say I was a little surprised that a dull knife can be more dangerous than a sharp one. Reading on after that, however, I guess you have a point. I've never cut myself when I used a sharp one, but managed to do so once or twice with a dull one.

I have a Gatco Sharpening System which isn't as fancy as the one listed above, the Edge Pro, but is still on the manual side of the spectrum. The electric sharpeners are a lot better than they used to be and tend to not take off as much metal as they used to. If anyone is considering getting their own sharpener, check out this guide: http://thebestknifesharpenerguide.com/
It has a ton of good information and some reviews.

I do have to disagree about the bamboo cutting boards as they tend to be a little hard on my knives. I much prefer a end block cutting board to go more easily on my knives. Thanks!

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