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February 10, 2011


This looks awesome!! I so wished I lived by here to go. The farm fresh eggs had me :) I heart farm fresh eggs! I also just wanted to tell you that you brought my friend joy and laughter at the end of her battle with cancer last month. When she was bed ridden (with a laptop though), I sent her a link to your blog. You brought her so much laughter in such a dark time. Thank you so much for all of your postings, recipes, and humor. You have touched our lives :) I have started to re-read old postings and am having a blast!

I love to go to Russell's for the Winter Farmer's Market. My husband and I pack up the 3 kids and it's our outing for the day. I am hoping to get there tomrrow, I love wool days.

so glad i read this in time to hit the market yesterday. had to force the 11YO to come along with me, but he sheepishly admitted after we'd been there 15 minutes that it was really awesome and he was glad i made him go. if i had known ahead of time about the unbelievable stuffed grape leaves we found there, it wouldn't have been a hard sell at all. we had fresh eggs for breakfast this morning with FOTF hash browns and my family couldn't be happier that i read this blog! thanks!

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