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February 13, 2011


Scary, I see I may be the first person to take up the challenge. And challenge it is. I recently decided to combat the dull dark Dutch winter by making (attempting to make?) brightly yellow colored maracons. It's the only way I can remember what the sun looks like... a cute lemony disk of sugary goodness.

Macarons are quite a challenge to make anyway (especially for this beginner), so I decided to make the ULTIMATE challenge by putting a macaron recipe and instructions into tweetable form. Here goes nothing:

Sft 225g pwdsug+125g almd ml/Bt 100g egwht+28g sug til ~stf pks/+clr/fold almd+sug til ~taffy/pipe1cmOs/rest 30min/bk@300 15min/fill w/gnche

Potato Leek Soup

Saut3clvgar1yelOn3slcd lksTil crmlzd ad 6Cvgstck+7pot, cvr, whnboil smmr adS+P+dill or Tsp liqsmk Whn potRsoft blnd w/stckblndr srvw/SrCrm


Make spaghetti; make sauce. Put sauce on spaghetti.

fastest cheapest lentil soup, third variation:

1c splt red lentils + 2c water : boil. + ~1c chppd kale, simmr 10-15 min, smash w/spoon, +salt/pepper/juice of .5lime/.5 c coconut milk

I like SpagBol's!

Here's my attempt on stuffed dates (see http://bit.ly/dVCOhU for the original):

Mix 8ozs. whipped cream cheese, 2T powdered sugar & 2t lemon j, spoon into pitted dates, decorate w/4T sliced or whole almonds.

Not Clever, But Damn Tasty Spicy Squash Soup:

Sauté 2C onion+4T oil/Add 2t coriander,1 paprika&cumin,½ turmeric,¼ s&p, 4C chx broth, 2lb peeled squash/Simmer&Puree/Finish w/¼C honey.Yum!

Well done all! I'm shutting down this contest and the winner will be announced on Thursday. Thanks for your well-crafted contributions!

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