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January 19, 2011


oh man i remember reading about this in Laura Ingalls Wilder books and lamenting that I lived in arizona!!! how fun :-)

Looks like you might have another one coming! Maybe snow ice cream is in order?

Cabin fever? Add a little booze to yours. :)

We used to do this growing up in PA! Glad to know we were not the only ones.

Like Emma, I grew up someplace that doesn't see snow (heck, Sydney doesn't even see *frost*), and I thought that maple sugar on snow sounded impossibly exotic when I read about it in the Little House books. The next time I find myself with both a snowfall and maple syrup handy, I'm going to try this.

Adele has a great idea. Next time we travel to somewhere with snow, I know what I'm doing!

Charming, and new to me. Husband, who is from New England, hadn't heard of them either, but said "Sounds native." :)

Thanks Tammy! I'd always wanted to try this after reading about it in Little House, and my kids had the same reaction. So actually having some specific instructions finally gave us the push to do it over this weekend with some (reasonably) clean snow from the backyard. BIG hit around here (well, the second batch. Burned the heck out of the first batch due to an apparently dysfunctional candy thermometer. Can still smell the burnt-sugar smell in the kitchen.)

sarabeth: Glad you tried it! We certainly have enough snow this year, huh?

cookiecrumb: Totally!

melch: Don't forget your candy thermometer in your luggage! (P.S. Watch out for glass shards.)

adele: You grew up in Sydney? What a cool/tangled web you weave!

Gail: They do it all the way down in PA? Cool!

andrea: You're not kidding about the booze. And muscle relaxers for the post-shoveling back spasms.

emma: Yes, many a young girl has been charmed by the idea thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder. It probably works less well in sand, but a Phoenix girl can still dream!

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