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January 10, 2011


hurry up with the hash browns recipe already! we love root vegetables, but we LOVE hashy, as they are affectionately called in our house.

Your timing couldn't be better - I just had a friend ask me for a good squash recipe. I'm definitely sending her a link to this one!

We love brinner! Somehow pancakes always taste better in the evening...sign me up for some roasted root veggies and sausage.

oh yeah, bookmarking this. might even have to fight crowds today to secure sausage (snowmygod) so that we can have this, pancakes & eggs tomorrow while we muddle thru the (most likely) snowday!

Sarah: Hope you enjoyed the snow day!

Amy: Evening pancakes are such a treat--like having ice cream sundaes for dinner!

adele: Cool. Here's another tasty squash recipe I came up with:

snippyscissors: Sorry it took so long! Hope you enjoy the hashy.

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