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January 24, 2011


That looks soooooooooo good!

A day late doesn't bother me at all when the product looks/sounds this good.

Why isn't national pie day the same day as pi day (3/14)?

No, no. Your timing is excellent. Post Pie-Day pie means a second day with pie!

Didn't know there was a pie day, but we, coincidentally, made a meat pie (revised Canadian tourtiere) on Saturday and are still working on it. Wonderful spices and aroma's and great for left overs. Wish I had some of your pie for the dessert.

Every day should be pie day. Did you also know that there is an actual Pie Council? No kidding. And they sent me and Paul shirts to wear to celebrate the day. I was going to stalk them until they gave me a job, until they told me, surprisingly, that the office people aren't provided with pie every day. So wrong.

Now I finally understand what the Keira Knightly character was talking about in the movie Love one scene she offers a guy a slice of some kind of pie and I could never understand what she was saying. It was BANOFFEE pie! Phew, one more thing to cross off my list of things to figure out in life. And it sounds delicious...

I would've preferred a cut-away shot of the pie itself. It looks so good from the top but oozing toffee and sliced bananas and that majestic dollop of cream on top just gets me.

I've tried doing this before. But with the boil-can-of-condensed-milk-for-three-hours method.

Susan: I would have preferred a cut-away shot, too. However the good fillings never made it into an actual pie! The one photographed has the stiff, fudge-like filling. No luscious oozing was to be had. :(

Rebecca: I haven't seen that movie, but since it's the second time it has come up in my comment section (and because it pays homage to banoffee pie), I may have to rent it!

Amy: It seems to me that a Pie Council should serve pie at least once a week. In fact, all hiring should be BASED on pie-eating contests!!! Wow, that would solve my employment problem, huh?

Pickledbeets: Ooooo, tourtiere! Do you have the recipe up on your blog?

adele: That's right. Just doing my part to extend the reach of Pie Day.

melch: It really should be. Everyone should be required to eat 3.14159 pies.

Karen: Phew!

Bob: My only regret is that your pie plate ended up underneath the soupy one. Ah, well.

Tourtière --- it's there now.

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