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January 05, 2011


You are a brave brave woman. I went to work at a college so I wouldn't have to work with children under the age of 18. Aside from my own child that is.

When I was in school, if I had a teacher that spoke like you, and carried a lunch bag like that...I probably wouldn't have slept through most of my classes.

Nice! Who's the maker? I like the pattern - it's bold without being garish.

I think you've managed to refer to every school-associated nightmare in one single paragraph. I'm still chuckling. :)

Great! I like the bag. I would love to have one to. I can make use of it in my daily adventure. Also, I'm into green stuffs this year and hopefully I could encourage others as well to use eco-friendly products. Because it's not only good for the environment but to our health as well. =)

Congratulations on your new job! (And your new lunch bag.) I can't wait to hear about it!

emiglia: I probably won't write much more about it lest I be fired, but you can bet there's never a dull moment!

Ara: Right you are.

adele: Milano is the maker. I've seen them at TJ Maxx.

Amy: Ha! Well, I do try to tone down the language for the children. Just a little!

MidLifeMama: It's challenging, that's for sure, but I'm learning a lot. Hopefully, it's a fair exchange.

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