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January 13, 2011


I have no words for just how delicious those look.

And "hamburgers made out of French fries" is a brilliant description.

I generally make hash bricks. I'm super excited to try my hand at a delicious hash brown. Just need some taters...

Thanks for the recipe - I have serious 'skillet envy' looking at your photo. Never have I managed to temper a cast iron pan to that state of fabulousness - I always end up throwing them out in disgust and going back to non stick, but it's not the same!

thanks and YUM. wish i had seen this post yesterday. the dish towel trick would have saved me some muscle, squeezing shredded potato (yukon gold no less) between two plates to get all the water out for a pie crust. i might have to scrape more skin off my knuckles tonight and make hashy for supper...

i am so making these for weekend brunch!

steph: Hope they turned out perfect!

snippyscissors: The dishtowel trick is awesome. There's nothing more disappointing than soggy hashy.

SarahC: The secret is bacon! Lots of it.

melch: Good luck!

adele: Ah, the things you have to say to trick your kids into eating something delicious!

Yummy variation: substitute a good sized celery root for one of the potatoes. :)

Excellent recipe these were delicious...I didn't have a proper dishtowel to use for the potatoes, but something I learned not to long ago, is that it isn't the water that makes soggy hash browns, its the starch in the potatoes! So I rinsed them and got as much starch out as I possibly could until the water ran clear, and put them into the skillet still damp. They were still perfect! Although the using the towel like you did is much easier

Love this recipe! Another option for super crispy hash browns is using a Potato Ricer! Simply use the ricer to grate the potatoes as well as remove the moisture (it removes a LOT of moisture), and continue with your steps as above. Wonderful!

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