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December 07, 2010


My family and I had two significant deaths in our family this year - my father at age 86 and my aunt (my mother's oldest sister) at 101.

We cleaned out Aunt Tootsie's apartment many years ago on her way to the nursing home and it was so hard to get rid of anything because they had so many memories!

My father's small apartment still had the mementos in tupperware that we trucked up with him when he moved there 7 years ago. They're in my basement and I go through them over and over again every time I pass by them.

Both wakes were filled with laughter and loud conversations and alot of love. I think it's how anyone who passes would want to have it.

I'm sorry again for your loss.


We're very sorry for your loss. Your upbeat tribute is the way it oughta be. And you're one of the lucky ones, having such vivid memories.

When my Nan died I took her apron. She sewed it herself and wore it almost every day for 45 years. It's the ugliest material, and doesn't fit me in the least. I treasure it.

I also happen to inherit her original 1947 mix master. I don't even know if it still works. But it is a classic. Just like her.

Losing a loved one is so very very hard. (((hugs)))

I hope that I am able to recount the love I have for my grandmother when she passes (she's close, it's something we talk about) with the warmth that you do here. It's hard to tell stories about those we love to people who don't know them - all the stories about 'that one time...' don't tell the same way if you can't picture the person behind the story.

You manage to convey that - and I miss your Nonni.

Thank you.

Before my grandmother passed away, she had moved into a nursing facility and her household items were sold. I went ahead of time and picked out things that were special to me. An amazing rolling pin, the best box grater, their special occasion stainless silverware (which is our only set), and a few other wonderful things. I use these items all the time and think of my grandparents each time I take them out. Some of the items work WAY better than anything I could buy today. I love the connection.

I loved your post. I am so sorry for your loss - and appreciate your philosophy. My father died two months ago and I am looking at loosing my grandparents (with whom I am very close) in the near future.
Blessings to you and your family.

Sounds like a lovely memorial -- enjoy the memories and good wishes to you and the family.

This is such a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. Your story about her funeral reminded me of my grandfather's this summer--the stories were funny, it was a good time to unite everyone for the first time in years. I like to think he planned it that way. I'll bet you're glad to have a bit of your Nonni in your kitchen with you every day now!

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