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November 26, 2010


Consolation Cupcakes would be a great band name.

mmm... consolation cupcakes...

Speaking of seasonal treats, do you by any chance know of a great gingerbread cookie recipe?

Thank you so much for posting this! We made it for my now 4 yo birthday party and they were a huge hit. They reminded me a little of the Flour-made oreo cookies - I may try to use the recipe to try to replicate those... Now that I think about it, last year for his birthday I made cookies using the train cookie cutters I won in your raffle. Thanks for being a continued, though inadvertent, part of his birthday celebrations. And the seven yo is very excited to try the maple candy - has been on my case to try it since we came across it in the Little House books. It will be much easier to work form an actual recipe. Hope everything is going well in your snowy neck of the woods!

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