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October 07, 2010


I haven't had lasagna in eons. Then someone was talking about it just yesterday. Now your post. I think it's a sign. And I much prefer Béchamel sauce to the traditional tomato red sauce - a second sign? Perhaps.

Although I don't think anyone will be driving by the neighborhood with a trunk full of fresh shrooms, so I'll just have to go to the market.

Oh my god, that is one hell of a mushroom. And the lasagne looks too good. I may just have to lick my screen. Yes, I just have. It was disappointing, I'm afraid to tell you.

Have very occasionally gone a-mushrooming, but like you, am afraid I would only find deadly poisonous killer mushrooms. But your expert friend sounds like someone to stalk from now on. Fungitastic.

Your mushroom obsession is starting to feel a little contagious. Off to see if I can find a mushroom society in my area.

Okay, Ms. Smartypants--what does "Marchegiano" mean? Is that someone from Le Marche, or something else even more obscure? Damn pedants...

Fantastic! Loves them hens.

hmmm, I was planning on chili tonight, but me thinks mushroom lasagne is in order...

Where is the recipe listed?

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