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October 25, 2010


I'm also a lover of the crammed full cooking store - I love Sur La Table in Seattle.

At the bottom of this post - 'you might also like' - was your post on Peach Ice Cream. I'm also an Ice Cream lover - - - and I would implore you - before you give up on Chocolate Ice Cream - try Ciao Bella Belgian Chocolate - it is, well, like a dove bar frozen on a stick, I tell you! I live in Alaska, and we don't get all the flavors at my local market (I'm dying to try the chocolate jalapeno, peach ginger, Lemon Zest, blueberry, and a new 'dark chocolate' which I can only imagine!) but they have some amazing flavors. Passion Fruit is my favorite, as well as Blackberry Cabernet and Key Lime Graham. The coconut is too sweet for me, and the vanilla is a bit flat, but I am telling you - trust me - do yourself a favor and try the Belgian Chocolate! They make it in New Jersey, so they must have it in your area.

Store finder:

Oh MAN!!! That is my kinda store, wish I lived closer I'd be all over that! It will be fun to see what you borrow! (exclamation point overload, sorry!)

It's probably a good thing for my bank balance that I'm nowhere near Concord right now. Kitchenware stores, particularly the quirky independent kind, are *dangerous* places.

I have been there many times -- it is great. Full of items you didn't even know existed. All good quality stuff too. You can find a cookie sheet for less at a monster store, but it won't be the same quality, and over the years, I've learned the little bit extra cost, pays you back over and over. - Great place for stocking stuffers for the cook too!

Hurrah! The Famous Concord Shop! I registered there for my wedding shower and got all manner of goodies, the most exciting of which was a pie basket.

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