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September 14, 2010


I love how you say "trim any gnarly parts away" There are so many overly correct canning recipes say something like "start only with pristine, highest quality unblemished fruits" which is just silly if you're talking about organic produce. I mean, yeah, you probably don't want to can Chia Peaches, but as long as you cut away the bad, I can't see any problem with canning 2nds or everyday blemished stuff.

I had the same Chia Pet mold take over a box of neighbor-foraged D'Anjou pears. Also very sad. But I have pear butter, sauce, syrup and jam, so I guess that'll do.

kaela: That Chia Pet mold gets around, but it sounds like you're very well-stocked in spite of it!

cycler: I agree--I often use seconds for pies or any kind of cooked fruit preparation. I use the pristine stuff for eating out of hand that minute!

Tammy, this post was hovering over my head (you know, because I have one of those internet clouds permanently positioned over me. Or because I couldn't come up with an appropriate description of it floating around my brain) last night as my husband and I discussed (and by he & I, I mean mostly me yapping away) how much we need a peach tree or two here at our house. Seeing that box of peaches you saved and knowing a similar box could be mine is too much to bear. Peach trees are going in in the spring. Thankyouverymuch.
(p.s. I'm with you and cycler on the pristine fruit. My neighbor sells 5lbs of not-so-perfect apples for $2.50, and you can bet that those are the apples used in baking & apple sauces.)

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