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September 24, 2010


OMG Thank you!!! I LOVE spiedies and get them every time i'm in that area, which is about once every several years. Drooling on the keyboard in anticipation. Thank you!!

I really wish we had toughed it out during the B-Mets/New Britain doubleheader so we could have caught the Spiedie Race in the 7th inning.


This post really had me thinking about this particular issue in way I havent before. Its something I do believe we need to talk about more. Thankyou.

"Jordan Trunner" = "Jehova's Witness"


I went to college in Syracuse. We used to get the marinade in Wegman's, get the cheapest cut of cubed beef, marinate it for 2 days, then just bake it (marinade and all, a sort of oven braise) and serve it over buttered macaroni (which we bought in bulk for, like, a buck for 5lbs.) It was a college student's idea of fine dining...

NurseJen: Sounds a hell of a lot better than some of the things I ate in college!

CC: Or spam. Didn't delete it quick enough.

Jordan: Fine. You bring spiedies, we'll talk.

Ed: I know, that would have been sweet! Stupid rain.

Michelle: I knew there had to be a few of you who knew about spiedies! If you end up making them, let me know if my version lives up to your memories.

I'm originally from Elmira... and LOVE speedies! my mom still ships me bottles of Lupo's marinade once a year! Going to try this recipe this weekend!!!! thanks!

Ancient Endicott secret...marinate 4 days for true spiedie experience. Don't tell anyone I told you. Don't tell me you told anyone.

Oh and put homemade tzatziki on 'em, too. Mmmmm. Also tasty.

(In Albany now where the supermarkets happily sell Lupo's marinades, in Endicott occasionally, from Reading, MA originally...like the blog :) already printing out recipes to try)

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