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September 21, 2010


Fantabulous news! Woot woot!

Only just now your last treatment? Why weren't you complaining more? I didn't even know you were still going through that crud.
OTOH, Congratulations!

Your article was poignant but not too heavy. It also really makes me want to go home and pickle some carrots and cauliflower. I think a trip to the farmer's market on the way home is in order.

The end! That seems like such a long time, but well done for getting through it with such strength and good humour. I love the pickling article - especially the image of the lurking, sinister half-sours in their unidentified animal piss. An apt metaphor? Or just dodgy fetid cucumbers? Anyway, very best wishes for a happy and healthy future.

Yay Tammy!!

Thanks, you guys!

CookieCrumb: once I was off the hardcore chemo, I tolerated the secondary round of IV drugs much better. Still glad to be done, though.

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