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September 12, 2010



That awesome, Tammy. I think participating in any marathon affords you the right to eat whatever you want! I think a few (dozen) Butterfinger was a good choice.

Wow! Great job! You are totally entitled to all the Butterfingers you want. Maybe you could wash them down with a MountainDew or something.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I'd be right there with you eating butterfingers. Definitely my favorite candybar.

And congrats on finishing!! That's awesome! Starting at Babson, did you bypass heartbreak hill?

Congrats T! I'm particularly impressed with the clam chowder!

I haven't had a butterfinger in YEARS! didn't know they still made them! well done on the walk :)

Thanks, guys! Julia, no, we still had to traipse up Heartbreak Hill, but it wasn't all that heartbreaking while walking (and without having run the previous 13 miles)!

Great job! I'm so proud, I think I'll go have a butterfinger myself...

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