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September 07, 2010


I'm thinking unless you are applying with Greenpeace or the ASPCA, you'd be better off not telling people you let that succulent crab cake go. They'll think you are crazy in the head.

I think the headline should have been:

"Got Crabs?"

I haven't commented in a while, so I'll just pop in here to say once again how much I love your writing. Small event, beautifully told.

It's been pretty crabby hear all summer. Every day (yes, we go to the beach almost every day - poor me) there is another kid with another blue crab trying to find something soft to clamp down on. The crazy thing is that they are all sizeable, too. Like, crab cakes and a side of she-crab soup. So it wasn't just Earl - maybe the relatively hot summer? I probably should just bring a big bucket to the beach and tell all those kids that I'll take care of their crabs for them. Safe keeping, yeah...

I can't believe you released the main ingredient in my favorite food. Red crab sauce over linguine. Where did your parents go wrong???

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