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August 11, 2010


Wow! Those shiitake are beautiful!

Try putting out a pan of beer for the slugs. They die happy.

You want to get rid of slugs or maybe just control them? Who you got to call the "slug busters". Just joking, seriously try feeding your slug with BEER they go crazy on the stuff. Use something deep enough to drown them but shallow enough for them to crawl into. Fill with your amber ale and leave overnight. In the morning discard contents, warning do not share with beer drinking buddies.


Very impressive. Barley Mushroom soup -- one of my favorites, with a bit of dill added, though I can't even think about such a thing until at least early October.
Slugs and humane - can't think of those things in the same breath - Sorry

I thought I read once about putting copper around the bottom of your plant (log) Something about the copper that mildly zaps them or something (like putting 9 volt to your tongue) I'll have to see if I can find it and post it for you. ..or maybe it's all in my head.

Copper! humane! yay!



Umm...soaking after the kids were done using the pool? If we had a kiddie pool, I'm guessing it would have some extra nutrients in it! :)

Beer only attracts more slugs. Sluggo is an organic slug deterant that comes in pellet form, and isn't harmful to people or pets. I got mine for 6 bucks on Amazon, and I'm happy so far.

Is there a reason they need to rest on the ground where slugs and others can get to them? Why not screw a hook into the top and hang them from trees? No slugs, no ants, no creepy crawlies, etc. You could even put a line between two trees and have a series of logs hanging off that line, right? (I don't know - grew mushrooms in a closet years ago but haven't tried again since.)

Jeremy: Interesting! I never thought of that, though I worry that dangling 30 lb. logs might pose a safety hazard, mostly to myself. So, what kind of mushrooms were you growing in a closet?!

Becky: Thanks for the tip! I did worry about word of a potential slug bender getting around!

Andrea: Ha! I wouldn't have risked it last year, but I can't even get these kids to pee in the ocean now.

Karen: I'm going to have to try this. Copper tape--I had no idea. Thanks for the links!

Susan: Don't blame you. We were only eating soup because of some stomach virus going around!

CC: Thanks, Cookie!

Earle: I don't know, maybe slugs are to beer as worms are to tequila. Only one way to find out.

Pam: That's certainly a better death than a salt-induced death. I felt really bad when I saw the aftermath.

Yeah, that was probably a poor way to phrase it. They were shitake and my wife reminds me that the block of sawdust, glue and spores lived in the closet only part-time. The rest of the time it lived either on the dining room table or fireplace mantle. I leave you to imagine some of the fun party conversations that came from it.

If you really wanted to optimize space you could have logs hanging at two or more levels. Hang them at different distances from the top rope. To keep yourself safe, you could also tie them to a bottom rope so they stay relatively stationary in the wind (rather than acting like 20 lb. swings) but can still be easily removed for impregnating, harvesting, etc.

I can't believe you're 'making' your own damn mushrooms. It's like freaking magic!

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