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August 20, 2010


The peach iced cream was so good and refreshing that it was hard not to eat it all at once.

Peach ice cream is one of my absolute favorites, and--after one look at the picture--I'm going to have to try that recipe tonight.

Peaches are also good for sorbet. I've made white peach sorbet that was one of the best things ever to come out of my ice cream machine. Of course, most fruit works well in sorbet, but that was just the best. Of course, peaches and cream are good too. Peaches are just always good.

Love this post... you have an incredible way with words. I can just imagine a young you learning to read thanks to ice cream!

I am there with you on the Vanilla/Chocolate thing... I will opt for Chocolate deserts of all shapes and sizes but when it comes to ice cream a good vanilla is hard to beat. But I love mixing it up too and adding a scoop here or there of the transitional adult flavourings.

My friend says that when it comes to ice cream (really, this comment was talking about gelato, which is a slightly different beast, particularly when it comes to chocolate, but I think it's still relevant), people fall into two main categories -- the fruits, and the browns. Browns are the chocolates,the butter pecans, the caramels and the hazelnuts. The glorious beige. (Pistachio also falls into the brown category, and after some consideration, I think the chocolate chips push mint chip into that as well). Then there are those who want strawberry, raspberry ripple, orange sherbet. I am definitively a brown, but in the summer, I develop a strong craving for perfect peach ice cream. Nothing else tastes quite so much like summer.

Wow, I have GOT to get an ice cream maker! This sounds incredible!

I've come to think that the best job setup ever would be to work in a bakery in winter and an ice-cream shop in summer. Even if I would be spherical as a result.

My favorite flavor as a child was strawberry, too.

Mmm, mint chocolate chip ice cream with jimmies was a childhood fave (and still reigns supreme in my book!). I rarely order strawberry but it's recipes like this one that make me second-guess my ice cream order. Also makes me want to purchase an ice cream machine.

I totally agree about the chocolate ice cream thing - I looooovvvveeee chocolate but rarely (if ever) choose chocolate ice cream... And I love mint-choc-chip!
We went on holiday to Italy 2 years ago and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven... My favourite flavours there were yoghurt (yummy, creamy, lemony) and stracciatella (vanilla with huge chunks of chocolate)...
One question, though: your peach ice cream sounds lovely and would certainly be a big hit here... But I have neither the space nor the money to buy an ice cream maker, so how would I go about doing this recipe without one (bearing in mind that I'm far from a skilled cook...)?

Kirsty, there are lots of posts around the web on making ice cream without a maker, basically you make the base and keep it in the freezer, and every hour or so put the base through a blender to break up the ice. Check David Lebovitz's website for more info. But seriously, an ice cream maker is a great investment, I love mine to death and use it about twice a month at least.

Can anyone help me find a good peach? I haven't seen one since I worked at a farm in Maryland 10 years ago. They are all horrible and mealy. What gives? Where can I get a good peach? Thanks!

kerry: I can never find a good peach in the supermarket, that's for sure. I've had good luck at local orchards like Carver Hill Orchard and Autumn Hills Orchard, but that won't help you up in Maine. Farmer's markets? Maybe there's someone local with a peach tree? I just picked a whole bunch of peaches at a friend of a friend's house in Dorchester and, although some of them looked a little gnarly, they tasted GREAT!

sunny12: I agree--I love my ice cream maker!

Kirsty: Here's the David Lebovitz link on how to make ice cream without a machine, as sunny12 mentioned: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2007/07/making-ice-crea-1/
You can even just use a whisk to stir around the ice crystals. It's totally doable, just takes a little longer!

Lisa: Maybe you have a birthday coming up?

adele: Spherical, schmerical!

Lauren: It was yummy, that's for sure.

Kate: Interesting theory. Then I, too, am a brown, with the occasional well-timed fruity binge!

megan: And the transitional adult flavoring options are endless!

emiglia: Thanks so much. The way to a child's heart...

Moopheus: I need to make more sorbets. For some reason, don't ask me how, cream always makes its way into my desserts!

Robert: Hope you like it! You must have good access to peaches down where you live!

Husband: It really was!

An ice cream machine is on my wish list... until then, I'm bookmarking a long list of recipes to try! Have you tried The Black Cow? They're a local creamery with locations in Natick and Millis - so creamy and with some great and unusual flavor combos.


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