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August 02, 2010


I was first introduced to the fish taco about 15 years ago. In San Diego. The concept sounded completely off to me, but after one bite, I was sold. Fan favorite in my house. Loving your version. And that picture has me swimming in a pool of drool over here.

I have never understand anyone's excitement over Fish Tacos but you make them sound really really good. I'll have to break down and give it a try.

oh how i love and adore the fish taco. yours is perfect, glad you love them now. addicting eh?

I had never even heard of the fish taco before coming out to the west coast but they're everywhere here. It's practically California's state food (although I still contend that California cuisine is Americana with avocado). But fish tacos are so delicious!

I am floored by the serendipity. This just happened: I'm feeling guilty about d-ing around on the computer while my kids are napping..I should be productive. But one more guilty pleasure. F on the F..So I just read your fish tacos thing..yummy idea. I haven't even unpacked my CSA bag on the floor that I picked up this morning (because I'm d-ing around on the computer), but I've got some crispy cod in the fridge, and I go rifling thru the CSA contains: Cabbage, tomatoes, etc, etc, but the kicker, and serendipity part? A load of cilantro~! Wow.
Now I need tortillas. Thank you.

Fish tacos rock. I wish I could eat one everyday.

That photo is beautiful. Another fish taco fan here. Like your cornmeal batter option. Sounds like a plan for this week.

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