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August 05, 2010


Sounds a bit like me. Our anniversary is somewhere in mid October and I have to put the day and the year on the calendar so I can figure it out each year. I blame it on dating way too long before actually getting married. btw- That cherry cobbler type picture looked pretty good.

Happy Anniversary!

The peaches this year really have been wonderful! And I really like the nasturtium on top. I just love their flavor and texture.

Oh dear Lord....steak bombs from Carl's! Our close friends used to live in Waltham and introduced us to Carl's during a visit a few years ago. My husband has not stopped talking about it yet.

Happy late Anniversary!

Nothing says true love like beer, steak, and cannoli. Sex is over too fast...but you can eat for hours.

Happy belated!

I agree with Amy's comment. But I think you got it right... why have one anniversary dinner when you can have another one a few days later?

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