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August 30, 2010


They (ground cherries) were mentioned a few times in the Little House on the Prairie books when I was reading to my daughter this winter and I wondered what the heck they were. Ma made ground cherry preserves with them. Then, I saw seed for sale in one of my seed catalogs. So I ordered it and grew a lot of ground cherries. I didn't know how they grew and planted them way too close together and they all fell over, but produced hundreds (or more?). I've given up harvesting them now, but I made jam from them (great on biscuits), dried them to put on winter salads and we ate a lot of them fresh too. Thanks for the post.

Molly: I think drying them is a great idea. The 2nd Grader was doing an experiment on one of them and left it out on the window sill for a few days. I didn't actually taste it before I threw it away, but it sure smelled delicious!

Adrienne, Melch, Heather: Thanks for your comments on the Culinate site!

You are a bringer of knowledge, Tammy Donroe! We have those things serpentining all over our garden and we had no idea what they heck they were. I was ready to yank them up as a yellow-flowering weed last week when I finally saw what I assumed was a tomatillo. But now we know better.

On to Culinate, then!

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