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July 16, 2010


Sounds a little fishy to me!

I can't believe people scolded you for picking those tomatoes. I loved the story :) I too have picked avocados (I live in CA) on vacant land (and they were delicious!) and would have fallen to the ground to rot. Life is too short. Thank you for sharing that story! (btw:sliced fresh tomatoes with basil oil, salt, pepper flakes, and white balsamic is amazing!)

I certainly forgive you -- good stories are good for culture, memories, and the way of the world.

The way you described the location, I was SO sure it was right near my house and planned a walk with a new eye toward what you wrote of. Now, not so sure, but will be more observant on my daily forays.

Thanks for the intrigue. "The Secret Garden" was one of my absolute favorites as a kid.

a funny story as always... bet the tomatoes made a damn good salad though.

This morning, while I was still in bed, my dogs started barking like crazy. I wondered what their deal was and could not figure it out. Turns out, someone entered my backyard (which is kind of private) and stole all my ripe tomatoes (there were a lot I planned to harvest today). I actually feel kind of scared and violated. I locked my garage which I usually leave unlocked and I am keeping my doors locked.

I"m so glad you weren't stealing after all!

Enjoy your tomatoes!

I did the same thing with some black raspberries that were growing on vacant land here in New York...There were so many of them that hundreds of them had already fallen off of the bush to rot on the sidewalk (and to stain the shoes of the passersby. There was truly no way to avoid them!) I did it in the middle of the night though, just in case the land wasn't actually as vacant as it appeared. They sure made a magnificent sauce, and took me back to my childhood in the country.

When we lived in Phoenix, we planted a lemon tree that went gangbusters! It produced so many gorgeous lemons that I hung a sign that said "Help yourself." Every so often there would be gifts of produce left at the base of our tree, and I knew it was from one of our gracious neighbors.

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